About us

BONNY VALVE manufactures a wide range of valve products including Ball,Gate,Globe,Check and Butterfly Valve for Oil,Gas&Petrochemical industries,marine,energy,water and waste among others.

Consistent product quality and best prices make BONNY VALVE a dependable choice for cast and forged valves in carbon, stainless and alloy steel materials.
ALLOY STEEL:ASTM A217 WC1,WC6,WC9,C5,C12.A182 F11,F22,F5,F91......
STAINLESS STEEL:ASTM A351 CF8M, CF3M, CF8, CF8C.A182 F304,F316,F321,F347,F51,F53......

BONNY VALVE maintains an extensive quality system, which complies with the requirements of major oil companies, industry standards and to ISO 9001:2015 &2014/68/EU PED CE standard.

We sell to OEM's, contractors, end-users and other distributors.
If you have a valve requirement, please give us the opportunity to assist you.


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